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Essential Safety Training Topics for Trucking

With increased litigation potential, rising insurance costs, and tighter regulations on the trucking industry, safety training is an essential element of running a trucking company of any size. It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to developing your safety program though.

While any efforts towards safer driving can help you, there are essential safety training topics that should top your list. These are the topics that address common safety issues in the industry.

10 Topics to Include in Your Safety Training Program

One of the best places to start with safety training topics is to look at what areas of safety come up most often in litigation. This provides 10 essential topics that companies who have failed to train on have found themselves being held responsible for the actions of their drivers in court.

  1. Defensive Driving Essentials
  2. At-the-Scene Accident Procedures
  3. Animals
  4. Basic Driving Skills
  5. CSA Essentials including Hours of Service Requirements
  6. Distracted Driving
  7. Dealing with Fatigue
  8. Important Regulations
  9. Inclement Weather
  10. Inspection and Maintenance Requirements

These 10 topics can be seen as a comprehensive list of training that will increase your defendability in court and help you negotiate insurance rates. To get the most out of your safety training program, you should include the essential topics as part of your orientation, ongoing, and corrective action training process.

Drivers will remain more safety conscious on the road if they have regular refreshers on the main safety training topics. Developing an ongoing safety training program can seem daunting if you use traditional training methods, but online training will allow you to assign training when you need without disrupting schedules.

Online Training Increases Safety Success

The ultimate goal of any safety training program should be to have the best trained and safest drivers on the road. You also want to have a training program that allows you to document your safety training efforts to defend your record in court or with insurance companies.

Online training programs like Trucking 52 allow non-fleet trucking companies to do just this. A Brandon Hall Group study showed online learning requires 40% to 60% less time than traditional training methods while increasing retention by up to 60% more.

This means less disruptions, better safety retention, and easier employee participation. Drivers are able to have more control over their learning process, so they will be more invested in it. Plus, online training can save up to 70% of costs while increasing productivity, comprehension, and retention.

Using online training systems to provide ongoing training can help your drivers reduce maintenance costs and improve fuel efficiency through better driver behaviors. Plus, a good training program will help you reduce CSA scores, and documented training will help improve insurance rates, mitigate loss, and attract better drivers.

Why Trucking 52 is Your Go-To Training

Trucking 52 allows you to cover the 10 safety training topics that are essential to safety and protection in court, with documentation built in so you don’t have to worry about keeping up with certifications. Remember, if it’s not in writing, signed, dated, or you can’t find it, the training didn’t happen.

The Trucking 52 training management system for non-fleet trucking companies can help you reduce unsafe driving violations by up to 70%, reduce vehicle maintenance violations up to 20%, reduce crash indicator violations up to 76%, and reduce hours of service violations up to 65%.

Would you like to see for yourself how our online safety training system can help you meet your safety needs while reducing overall company costs? We want to pay for your first 90 days, so you get the chance to put it to the test.

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