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Save Time and Money with Online Orientation

On average, it costs $10,000 or more to onboard new drivers. When you consider the fact that 33% of drivers will quit within the first 90 days, and another 22% will quit within 180 days, these onboarding costs can add up.

That is why online orientation is an important tool to implement for any trucking company. With an online training management system, you can reduce orientation time, make training more consistent, simplify training for new hires, reduce the costs of accidents and violations, and screen drivers before you invest too much time and money.

In fact, an online system will save significant time and money for your company.

Pre-Screen New Drivers

Before you invest too much money and time in hiring a new driver, you want to make sure they are a serious candidate. Online orientation training can help you do this.

You can assign training to new recruits before they come in for orientation. If they complete the training, you know they are more motivated to work for you. If not, you can save the money and time you would have put into bringing them onboard.

You can also ensure your new hires have a good understanding of safety basics before they ever get on the road for your company.

Reduce Accidents and Violations

Drivers with a good basis in safety mean fewer accidents and CSA violations for your company. Reduced accidents and violations mean less money spent on repairs, injuries, time off, and possible litigation. It also means less time spent dealing with paperwork and time off for injured employees.

Reducing these incidents can also reduce the number of inspections drivers receive. Inspections will increase if you have higher CSA scores.

Provide Consistent Training

Consistent training has two aspects. First, you want to make sure the training you provide remains consistent for all drivers. Second, you want to make sure your drivers are receiving consistent, ongoing training to keep safety top of mind.

With an online training program, you know the training provided will be the same each time new hires complete it, so everyone is on the same page. Using an online system also means you can easily assign training throughout the year, so drivers remember important basics when they are on the road.

Drivers can access training from any device with an internet connection, so there is no need to pull them away from busy schedules to complete the necessary assignments. This means another reduction in time and money spent on orientation and ongoing training needs.

Reduce Orientation Time

Implementing online orientation training can remove days from your orientation process. The Trucking 52 library uses short videos on important topics averaging 5-8 minutes for each video. This means you can cover important topics in a fraction of the time for traditional training methods.

Drivers can complete the training before they ever come to the office, so you can focus on other important orientation needs when they are there. This means you can get drivers on the road faster, so you reduce time and improve profits.

Easier to Manage Training Documentation

With an online training management system, the system keeps track of training documentation for your online orientation or ongoing training efforts. You never have to worry about finding information about your training program.

You can easily run reports on completed training and export needed documentation whenever it is required. Not only does this mean reduced office costs, but it saves time looking for documentation for audits, litigation, or insurance needs. Plus, showing a consistent training program can help you better negotiate insurance rates.

Simplify the Orientation Process

With increased driver turnover in the industry, orientation costs can really add up, especially for smaller trucking companies. With online orientation, you can significantly reduce these costs, while saving time and improving overall safety.

Trucking 52 makes training as simple as possible for you, so you can take one thing off your plate. You can use the system to provide orientation and ongoing training quickly and simply, without disrupting driver schedules.

Check out the Trucking 52 system for yourself and see how easy it is to get started with online training and orientation. Take the first step in simplifying training by requesting a demo.

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