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Transform Safety with Online Training

Online training for truck drivers is a growing trend among motor carriers. Online options allow drivers to learn at their own pace without wasting time on long commutes and allows carriers to save money on training costs.

This option can seem costly and time consuming for smaller carriers, but online training can save money and time moving forward. This option allows you to do ongoing, consistent safety training with your drivers without disrupting schedules.

6 Benefits of Online Training

There are many safety concerns and regulations that must be met to keep your trucking company out of trouble and running smoothly. Without regular training on these issues, drivers can forget or grow stagnant over time.

You want to keep drivers on the road, but you also need to keep safety top of mind for everyone in your company. Luckily, there are online options that can address this while meeting your budget, depending on the size of your company and number of drivers.

So, why is online training the better training option? There are 6 reasons to consider making the switch.

1. Flexibility

Online courses are the most flexible learning option available. This allows users to learn at their own pace with shorter messages, so they don’t spend hours driving to and sitting through training. This means drivers can access training wherever they are.

Drivers are assigned the necessary training and can take the courses whenever they have free time to do so. This means more drivers will participate in the necessary training, so you know your drivers are getting the information they need.

2. Save Money

Training can be expensive when you consider the drive time to get there, the cost of trainers, the loss of productivity, and the cost of housing and feeding participants. Online training cuts out a lot of these expenses.

You pay for the online training materials, and you have training set up for the year. No extra costs for fuel, food, and motels. No extra costs for setting up trainers. No lost money spending the day in the classroom.

3. Maintain Regular Training

One of the best ways to make sure training is effective is to maintain a regular, ongoing training schedule. Traditional training options make it difficult to create a training schedule to meet these needs. With online training, you can set up the training schedule for the year ahead of time.

Once you set up your training needs for your drivers, the system can send notifications to the drivers when it’s time to complete a new course. This reduces the stress and time required to provide training, and ensures drivers are refreshed on important topics.

4. Focused Learning

With online training, drivers can watch short videos that help ensure they understand and retain the information provided. Microlearning videos have been proven more effective for learning than traditional training options where learners are more likely to tune out.

Online training also allows you to set up training that meets your specific needs. You don’t have to go over material your drivers don’t need. You can also provide training refresher courses for drivers who need extra training in certain areas instead of involving everyone.

5. Better Participation

One of the hardest parts of training is getting all your drivers together to complete it. It’s difficult to plan training around different schedules, and some drivers are reluctant to make the trip to participate. Those who do attend aren’t always giving their attention to the material.

With online training, you cut out the need to travel, so drivers can complete material when it’s convenient for them. This means more of your drivers will complete assignments. The online structure makes it easier for them to focus their attention on the materials instead of their surroundings.

6. Keep Better Training Records

Whether it’s an audit, an insurance review, or possible litigation, carriers are required to keep records of their safety training measures. With traditional training, you may have a sign-in sheet that can get lost over time and shows no real proof of what drivers learned.

With online training, you can keep up with all records of training completed. Certificates are generated for all completed and passed courses, so you can show drivers received specific information. You also have date and time-stamped documentation of all actions in the system to help prove you are meeting the training needs of your employees.

Providing Effective and Affordable Training

When you are running a smaller trucking company, you always must make sure you provide the necessary tools to make your drivers successful while maintaining costs. So often this means training doesn’t get the attention it needs. With an online training program like Trucking 52 that was created with smaller carriers in mind, you can meet your training needs at an affordable cost.

We are so sure that Trucking 52 will meet your needs, we want to pay for the first 90 days so you can see for yourself. Contact us today to get started and see how online training will transform the safety of your company.

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