Effortless Enhancement

Trucking Features such as No-touch safety training– We asked top experts in trucking and insurance to review the Trucking 52 course catalog. Every course was deemed relevant and highly recommended by the biggest names in the industry.

Clear Communication

No-hassle orientation– Trucking 52 delivers safety training to any computer,tablet,or mobile device. Set your expectations before they drive the first mile.

Stay on Track

Simple tracking and reporting– Fleet-wide safety training, lowered risk, accident awareness, courtroom protection, and training documentation that you will need in the case of litigation. Easy to pull when it matters most.

Cover Your Assets

Lawsuit protection– The largest legal penalty ever awarded to a trucking company was a whopping 144 million bucks. Not all accidents are avoidable, but monthly training reduces your risk for major courtroom blowouts.

Security and Protection

Enhanced driver awareness– “I’ve forgotten more about trucking than you’ll ever know!” Remind them. Even the most experienced truck drivers take shortcuts or skip steps. Combat complacency. Get your drivers home safe.

Focus on What Matters

Affordable pricing– Corporate trucking companies have a never-ending budget for safety training.Don’tcompete. Get the same industry-specific training and courtroom protection for less than a California tank of fuel.

Need More Trucking Features Info? Let Us Show You...

Our simple-to-use platform makes it easy to set up a year of training with just a few clicks. Contact Britney to see for yourself why this is the easiest and best training platform in the industry.

Trucking Features
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