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Safety Training Trucking Catalog

Get your trucking catalog that will cover your fleet for the next 52 weeks:
Pre-Trip Inspections
Fatigue Management
Distracted Driving
Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse
Extreme Weather Conditions
Hours of Service
+ 46 more industry-specific courses for all your needs!!

Partial List of the content you will receive!

Part 1: Introduction to Hours of Service
Part 2: The 14 Hour Window/11 Hour Limit/
Part 3: The Thirty Minute Break & 34 Hour Restart
Part 4: On-Duty Time/Travel Time/ Off-Duty Time
Part 5: The Sleeper Berth Provision
Part 6: The Driver’s Daily Log Book
Part 7: Interstate Truck Driver Guide to HOS
Part 8: HOS ELD
Part 9: Exemptions/Exceptions
Part 10: Hours of Service Final Rule Visor Card

Backing a Rig Safely
Driving Through Work Zones
Lane Restrictions
Pre-Trip Approach and Maintenance
Content Name: Pre-Trip Approach and Maintenance
Pre-Trip Component Inspection
Seatbelts Update – 2016

Month 1
Failure to Conduct a Pre-trip Inspection
Fatigue Management – Part 1:
What You Need to Know
Pre-Trip Approach and Maintenance
Pre-Trip Component Inspection

Month 2
Distracted Driving Awareness – Hands-Free Device Allowed
Distracted Driving Awareness – No Device Allowed
Exterior Power Unit and Trailer Inspection
Safe Lifting

Month 3
Failure to Yield for Emergency Vehicles
Fire Extinguisher
Following Too Close 392.2FC

A Full-Year of Safety Training Videos!
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Trucking Catalog

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